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What is DIANA?

DIANAssociates, Incorporated is a leading provider of telehealth clinical services. Our current telehealth coverage is nationwide with sites from California to Florida linked to clinical practice alliance partners at major university medical centers and private clinical partners.

DIANA provides a full Spectrum of telehealth solutions varying from equipment, network, archive, maintenance, interpretation and clinical services. These solutions are designed to help facilities manage their resources whether facing a shortage of healthcare manpower, struggling with capital constraints for technology acquisition or simply to speed entrance into the digital arena. Digital Imaging technologies for healthcare offers providers new and innovative choices in telehealth.

Reduce your workload with no additional resource commitment immediately - with DIANA Telehealth solutions.


Be recognized as a leading provider of affordable high quality telehealth services, tailored to the correctional environment. Apply exceptional appreciation of the "cost-value equation"-balancing Quality, clinical needs and technology solutions.


To provide turn-key telehealth services through systems integration with no customer infrastructure growth remotely, securely and timely.

Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) | Phone: 410-544-7846 x12 | Fax: 410-544-5203| info@dianassociates.com